Are You Ready To Find Out What Happened When One Of Our Readers Discovered “Setpoint Weight”?

(Hint: She Started Losing Weight And KEPT IT OFF)

We want to start off today’s blog post, which will eventually be about this thing called Setpoint Weight, by telling you a little story. Now, this is not something we usually do here but bear with us for a moment or two. It will all make sense soon.

Setpoint Weight SuccessThis is the story of one of our readers named Rebecca. We have been corresponding with her over email for a couple of weeks now, and she has encouraged us to share her story with the rest of our community.

Rebecca recently turned 46. As she tells us, her life has changed a lot over the last 25 years or so. She has gotten married, had 3 children, changed careers twice, and moved cross-country three time. And that is just the cliff notes!

However, through all these years, throughout all this change, there is one thing that has remained consistent – she has almost always been on one diet or another. Before she emailed us, she had been on diets for so long, she couldn’t even remember what it was like to eat whatever she wanted. She couldn’t remember pizza or pasta. She couldn’t remember ice cream and chocolate. she couldn’t remember what it felt like to enjoy a meal guilt-free. She couldn’t remember a time before her weight was the central concern of her life.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s jump back to the beginning.

We start following Rebecca’s story when she is in college. She is starting her senior year of school at Michigan State University. She is studying chemical engineering and preparing for grad school.

Most of Rebecca’s days look the same. She wakes up and eats a massive breakfast at home. she knows she is going to be busy all day, and probably won’t have time to eat again until dinner, so she stuffs herself. Then, she spends the rest of her day in one classroom or another. In between classes, she likes to stop at the vending machine to grab a soda. It’s her little gift to herself. When she is in class, she is listening to lectures and taking notes. She sits for hours and hours on end.

Finally, 5:45 comes around and she is done with class for the day.

Next, she heads right on over to the library to study and fill out grad school applications. She stays there until about 11:00 P.M. then she heads home. By now, she is starving. So, she does what most people would do in this situation, she grabs a big, greasy, overflowing bag of fast food. It smells DELICIOUS. She is so hungry she can’t wait to devour it.

By the time she gets home, Rebecca is exhausted. She is beyond exhausted. She feels like she can’t even think anymore, let alone move around or exercise. She sits on the couch and eats her dinner. She relaxes for an hour or two before heading to bed.

When she lays down to go to bed, something surprising happens. Although really, she shouldn’t be surprised, because this happens every night. She tosses and turns and can’t get to sleep. No matter how bone tired she is, her mind won’t shut off. The stress from school, the stress from her life, it’s all just sitting there weighing on her.

That was what Rebecca’s life was like day after day. It was unhealthy. She felt like she couldn’t do anything about it. She gained weight. She thought maybe it was her BMR or metabolism.

But really, something even worse was happening. Something under the surface. Her Setpoint Weight was climbing higher and higher.

Ever since she was a kid Rebecca had always been overweight. During that final year of college, she put on an extra 20-pounds.

The morning of graduation Rebecca got dressed and looked at herself in the mirror wearing her graduation gown. Every pound she had gained seemed to be staring back at her. She KNEW she had to make a change.

That began what would become 20 YEARS of yo-yo dieting. For almost two decades, Rebecca struggled with her weight.

She dieted.

She exercised.

She starved herself.

She binged ate.

She lost weight.

She put weight back on.

She lost weight.

She put weight back on.

But no matter what she did she could never get that number on the scale to change for good. It was like it was stuck. Like something was holding it there. It was like some force wanted her to stay heavy. It was driving her crazy.

This entire time Rebecca focused almost entirely on counting calories. She was obsessed with the idea of improving her metabolism. She jumped from gimmick diet to gimmick diet. And nothing worked. She would lose a few pounds here or there. And she would keep it off for a month, maybe two, but eventually, the pounds would come sneaking back.

Always, the scale seemed to hover, without fail, around the same number.

Until one day, all that changed.

One day, Rebecca stumbled upon Setpoint Weight and everything seemed to click.

A year later, Rebecca had lost 55 pounds.

6 months after that, Rebecca was still at the same weight. She had lost 55 and kept it off.

That terrible anxiety she used to feel when she stepped on the scale was soon replaced with excitement. Day after day, it was an affirmation to step on the scale to see that she was still at her target weight.

And the best thing of all? She wasn’t even dieting.

For Rebecca, being health and slim had become the new normal.

We are willing to bet that most of Rebecca’s story sounds almost unnervingly familiar to many of our readers. At least until you came upon that happy ending.

We see your emails come in every day. In fact, Rebecca told us her story in just such an email.

We read about your struggles to lose weight. We hear about the ups and downs, the frustration, the stress, and the guilt. We feel for you. And we understand. We also understand that these struggles feel so much worse when you look around and you see other people in your life, naturally skinny people who seem to be able to eat whatever they want – ice cream, pizza, fried food, hamburgers – without gaining a single pound.

What is their secret, you ask yourself?!

What about Rebecca? Was the secret to her happy ending? Was it really just this thing called Setpoint Weight??

We will give you a sneak-peak preview of the end of this blog – the answer is yes.

Yes, it really was this thing called Setpoint Weight that changed Rebecca’s life forever.

The whole intention of our site is to give people the tools they need to overcome their struggles with weight and fend off diabetes caused by weight gain. Today, we want to introduce you to just such a tool. Actually… calling this a “weight loss tool” doesn’t do it justice because when you truly understand Setpoint Weight, all your struggles with weight will be solved.

Putting this concept into action in your own life will have one very profound effect – it will reduce your Setpoint Weight. Doing so will reprogram your body so that it burns fat instead of storing it. That means your body will begin behaving like that of a naturally thin person.

If that sounds too good to be true, don’t worry. We thought the same thing too, initially.

Setpoint Weight was explained to us like this – think about the biology of your body like a sink. When you fill a sink with water, the water drains out, right? The more you fill the sink, the faster the water drains. Sure, the water level will rise for a moment or two, but given time the sink will clear.

Essentially, this is how a healthy body is supposed to work. The more calories a healthy body (with a low Setpoint Weight) consumes, the more it will burn. More input = more output, automatically. It’s incredible really, but it also makes a lot of sense.

Unfortunately, an unhealthy body (with a high Setpoint Weight) doesn’t function this way. Instead, it functions like a clogged sink which drains very, very slowly. It doesn’t matter how much water you fill the sink with, it still drains excruciatingly slow.

We don’t want to scare you, but having a high Setpoint Weight is actually even worse than this. You see, when your body’s metabolic processes are clogged, and you have a high Setpoint Weight, you actually burn fewer calories the more you consume.

This is the exact opposite of someone with a low Setpoint Weight. When they eat more, their bodies crank into overdrive and start burning calories like crazy.

For years and years, conventional wisdom has told us that the way to lose weight is to count calories and deprive ourselves of food. The problem is, this doesn’t solve any of the underlying issues in your body, the issues that are making you unhealthy. Counting calories doesn’t unclog the sink!!

What does unclog the sink, is lowering your Setpoint Weight.

Now, let’s take a moment to jump out of the analogies and simplify things.

At its most simple level, your Setpoint Weight is the natural weight that your body likes to hover around. For most people, this is a range of about 10 pounds.

Your Setpoint Weight is the thing that has been actively fighting against you all these years as you have struggled to lose weight.

It is that undeniable force that you have always known was there, you just didn’t have a name for it.

Now that you finally have a name for this thing you are probably wondering, what the heck can I DO about it?!

Luckily, there are a few programs out there that are doing some incredible work helping lower their Setpoint Weight – for good. And once your Setpoint Weight is lowered, your body will begin behaving like that of a naturally thin person. What does that mean for you? It’s simple. YOU will be a naturally thin person!

Our favorite people teaching the concepts of how to lower your setpoint weight are the kind people over at SANESolution. You can check out their website right HERE.

Setpoint Weight can be a pretty complex idea which means that the job of lowering your Setpoint Weight can seem really intimidating. However, SANESolution has managed to simplify the process into something anyone can understand. It can be as easy as adding one green smoothie weight loss drink a day.

More importantly, the Sane System is one that anyone can use. Everything related to health the break up into two categories. Something is either “Sane” or “Insane”. Of course, there are varying degrees of Sane and Insane choices, but they are the experts there, so you should visit their website for a more in-depth explanation. Basically, making Sane choices will lower your Setpoint Weight while Insane choices increase your Setpoint Weight. If you are in the business of losing weight for good, then you need to be making Sane choices to lower your Setpoint Weight!

And that is all we have for you today. I know that when we were introduced to the idea of Setpoint Weight, everything just seemed to click.
Setpoint Weight made sense. It was like we always knew this is how our bodies worked on some subconscious level.

We hope you felt the same ‘eureka moment’ when you read today’s blog because Setpoint Weight really can change your life.

For more information, is the BEST place to learn about Setpoint Weight.

Good luck out there!